Funeral Company Owner Allegedly Kills Pallbearer At Child's Burial Service

Wilson Chavis, 48

Photo: Prince George's County Police Department

A family has been left traumatized after a shooting broke out during a funeral for a ten-year-old girl who was the victim of gun violence.

Authorities said that Wilson Chavis, 48, who owns the funeral company that organized Arianna Davis' funeral, got into an argument with two people from a different funeral company with which Chavis has a long-standing business dispute.

Davis' mother, Antionette Belk, told WRC that Chavis yelled, "I own this body," and then spit on the preacher, who was Davis' uncle. 

While several people attending the funeral tried to intervene and calm the situation down, Chavis pulled out a gun and fired several shots, striking two people.

Ronald Steven Banks, who was serving as a pallbearer for Davis' funeral, was killed, while another woman was shot in the leg.

Chavis fled the scene in his car but was pulled over and detained a few minutes later. He remains in custody and is facing multiple charges, including first and second-degree murder and attempted first and second-degree murder.

"I'm so traumatized that this happened at my daughter's burial site. I didn't even get to lay her down, even to put her in the ground, and another incident happened. This is so traumatizing to me, my children, my whole family. It's trauma after trauma," Belk said.

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