Body Camera Footage Shows Officers Confronting Nashville School Shooter

Body camera footage from Nashville school shooting

Photo: Nashville Metropolitan Police Department

The Nashville Police Department released body camera footage from the officers who engaged and fatally shot the 28-year-old shooter at The Covenant School. Before she was killed by police, Audrey Hale killed three children and three adults at the private Christian school.

The six minutes of video footage was captured from the cameras worn by officers Rex Engelbert and Michael Collazo as they entered the school on Monday (March 27).

The video starts as Engelbert is driving up to the school. As he gets out of his car and grabs a rifle, an employee of the school tells him, "they're upstairs," as she points to the doors of the school. As Engelbert approaches the doors, another employee hands him a key.

Engelbert leads the officers as they enter the building and begin clearing rooms as the fire alarm blares. While they are searching the school, they hear gunshots and rush up the stairs.

As Engelbert rounds a corner, he sees the suspected shooter and opens fire, causing her to fall to the ground. Officer Collazo then moves forward and fires several more rounds at the suspect as officers scream, "stop moving," and "get your hands away from the gun."

Collazo then yells, "Suspect down! Suspect down" on the radio as the footage ends.


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