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WATCH: Biden reveals his TRUE belief on our FAILING economy

Joe Biden and his administration are ‘changing lives,’ he told the world on Tuesday. ‘I don't want to hear any more of these lies about reckless spending,’ the president said in a speech to America’s largest federation of unions, AFL-CIO. ‘We're changing people's lives!’ Glenn says this comment may have been an HONEST moment from Joe in which he shared his TRUE belief on our current, failing economy: that the pain felt by Americans now IS worth the clean energy future Biden and his powerful colleagues dream of…


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GLENN: Here's Hunter Biden in a piece that maybe tomorrow, Stu, we'll play in its entirety. It's like five minutes. And it's remarkable. He taped this conversation, on his laptop. He's having a conversation with another artist, who is helping him with his art. And he talks about his father. Listen to this. Cut two.

VOICE: He'll talk about anything that I want him to that he believes in. If I say, it's important to me, then he will look away, and wish to make it a part of his platform. My dad respects me more than he respects anyone in the world. And I know that to be certain.

STU: Hmm.

GLENN: He goes on to talk about how I call my dad all the time. And we talk about policies. And he's going to talk about this. And he'll push whatever I want him to push.

It's an extraordinary piece of audio, especially when dad said, I don't know anything about anything. We don't talk about anything like that. He's making it very clear, on this. Joe Biden knows and talks about all of it. But Joe Biden is kind of an interesting cat. Because I don't know if he's deliberately ignorant. If he is completely senile. If they won't let him watch television. I'm not sure.

If you look at the economy right now, and how people are feeling, this man is more out of touch, I think than really anybody since the czar Nicholas. I mean, he was out of touch with the people. I think Joe Biden is approaching this. Listen to how he -- he talks about our economy, and how people are feeling right now. This is cut six.

VOICE: Consumer confidence at the lowest in 70 years. Lower than the great recession. Lower than the stock market crash of the '80s. Lower than after 9/11. What can the White House do? Or will it do, to instill confidence in the American people, and the American economy is this.

VOICE: Well, it's important to first level to where we actually are economically. And we are in a transition. We are moving out of what has been the strongest economic recovery in modern American history. To what can be a more stable period of growth. Where we don't have to sacrifice all of those economic gains. And the key I think here is we face real challenges. And prices being first among them. But we also have real economic strengths. The strength of our labor market. The strength of household balance sheets, where notwithstanding, people are reporting low -- low confidence. They are also reporting record highs. In terms of financial stability.

GLENN: Stop for a second. Stu, do you know anyone who is feeling financially stable right now. Do you know anybody who is like, you know what, when is it bad. But I've got so much money stacked away in the bank, that I'm not worried about it.

STU: Yeah. Even people who are well off, I find. As you know, Glenn. We constantly gather in country clubs. And have cocktail parties with elitists, because we're conservatives. And when we do that, even --

GLENN: Oh, sure.

STU: Even those people, even people who are well off, and have a decent amount of resources. They have no idea how to protect them. Where do you put the stuff? You mentioned gold earlier, which has held up pretty well, as compared to pretty much everything else over this period.

But you, you know, you're in crypto, you're down. You're in tech stocks, you're down. You're in the S&P 500, you're down.

You know, you're in cash, you're definitely down. Because inflation is wiping you out, slowly, even though you don't realize it. And all of this, like adds up. You know, they keep saying this, that people have a higher amount of money in their savings accounts. And it's just like, it's completely ridiculous measure. They gave a bunch of free money to people. And told them, they can't go anywhere. So, yeah. A lot of people wound up over the covid period. Saving some money. Because they were terrified of what was coming next. And that money is just slowly dwindling away. And over time, it will go away completely.

GLENN: Right. If it is kept in a bank. But I'm not sure it's being kept in the bank anymore. I think a lot of people have just blown through that. Not blown through it. But how many weeks can you fill your car, once or twice a week, at $120 a tank? How many weeks can the average person do that? I don't know. I don't know. But I don't think very long.

Biden goes on to say, this was when he was at the AFL. CIO. That problems are bad. But not like everywhere else.

BIDEN: With my plan for the economy, we made extraordinary progress. And put America in a position to tackle worldwide problems, worse everywhere but here.

GLENN: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. And then he says, inflation is not because of reckless spending. Cut eight.

BIDEN: I don't want to hear anymore of these lies about reckless spending. We're changing people's lives.


GLENN: Okay.

STU: What? Is that why --

GLENN: You see what he's saying here? I don't know. Because he's an old man, and he's angry. You see what he just did. He says, I don't want to hear about this reckless spending anymore. It's all lies. We're changing people's lives. So what he's saying, as I interpret it. I hate to interpret it, because he may have no idea what he's talking about. If you want to look at that logically. What he's saying is it's not the record spending that's causing all these problems. That's a lie. We are changing people's lives. Meaning, we are getting off of all of the fossil fuels. We're changing the way the economy even is run. We're leaving capitalism, and going into The Great Reset. All of these things have to be done. And it's going to be painful. And we're going to be saving people's lives because of this. I think that's a moment of real honesty, where he's telling the American people. Because he's done it before. This is going to be hard. But at the end of it, we're going to be better off, because we won't object fossil fuels.

STU: Yeah. And I think it's important to look at, what could have been here. When we were going through covid. I remember, Glenn, having a conversation with you. Saying, this is interesting. In that, we're seeing a real test of what conservatives believe about spending. We've talked about this for so many years. And spending has always been bad. But there's always been a problem. But our case was, if you start to go crazy, there's a breaking point. And there was the competing ideology of modern monetary theory. And we said during the time. Like, look, we're just experimenting with this. We're going for it. We're going to print $4 trillion. $5 trillion. We'll have all this money coming from the fed. And if there's not an affect from this. I don't know. Does that prove our thesis wrong all this time? And here we go. They do this. They now print another. Then Biden comes in. They pass another multi-trillion-dollar bill. And we're seeing that the entire time the conservative position on this was correct. Look at inflation and what's happening right now. It's destroying families.


STU: And I think it's important to remember, that the Democrats wanted and almost got, another $6 trillion of spending. In that -- three and six.

GLENN: Which let me tell you. I want to end the program with a piece of audio on that very subject. We'll do that in just a minute.

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