New York Democrat Assemblyman Calls For Impeachment Of Gov. Cuomo

Democrat Assemblyman Ron Kim has been a critics of Cuomo over his COVID nursing home policy and the cover-up of deaths. Kim says he’s also been subjected to threats against him made by Cuomo.

Yesterday Kim penned an op-ed in Newsweek saying it is time to impeachment Cuomo.

Kim writes:

I witnessed a crime, and on top of that, 15,000 nursing home residents died under his watch. Restoring faith in government for those families is my top and only priority, not the governor's PR image…
With the truth out, the wheels started coming off the bus. The AG's report forced the Cuomo administration to finally meet with us. After seven months of stonewalling, his top aides wanted to discuss the "delay" in reporting nursing home data. Then the bombshell dropped, Melissa DeRosa admitted to withholding the numbers from the Department of Justice for political purposes, and we reached a point of no return: We had an ethical duty to stand up to this governor or become accomplices.
We cannot be numb to the fact that 15,000 people died in nursing homes under Governor Cuomo's watch. If the corporate immunity was omitted from the budget, how many lives would have been saved? Ten percent? Twenty percent? That is 1,500 to 3,000 families who could be sitting across from a loved one at dinner tonight. That's an entire 9/11 tragedy that we could have prevented.
We must hold the governor accountable and restore the integrity of the Senate and Assembly as co-equal branches of government. We must put all options on the table, in order to get to the truth.”

This comes as Republicans in the State Assembly are moving to form an impeachment commission “to gather facts and evidence” over Cuomo handling and alleged cover-up of COVID deaths at nursing homes.

They will introduce a bill to create a bipartisan panel tasked with “examining the state’s method of administration and conduct in all matters relating to nursing homes and long-term care facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.”