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McDonald’s Employee In NY Shot In The Neck Over Cold Fries

A McDonald’s employee in Brooklyn remains in critical condition after being shot in the neck following an argument with a customer that started over cold fries.

The shooting happened at around 7 p.m. Monday outside the Brooklyn restaurant. 

It started when a customer started arguing with the 23-year-old employee identified as Matthew Webb about her fries being cold. 

The argument moved outside and that's when the woman called over her 20-year-old son to "take care of the problem."

That 20-year-old son identified as Michael Morgan reportedly pulled out a gun and shot Webb in the neck.

Webb was rushed to Brookdale Hospital, and Morgan was taken into custody.

The New York Daily News is reporting that Morgan has also confessed to another murder.

They report:

“While being questioned for shooting fast-food worker Matthew Web in the face during a quarrel that spilled outside the Bedford-Stuyvesant McDonalds Monday, Michael Morgan confessed to committing an Oct. 21, 2020, homicide he was long suspected of committing.
That fatal shooting took place six blocks from the McDonald’s.
Morgan, 20, has yet to be charged with the killing, in which 28-year-old Kevin Holloman was gunned down in front of an apartment building on Herkimer St. near Rochester Ave.
Holloman, struck several times, was rushed to Kings County Hospital but couldn’t be saved.
Police had suspected Morgan, who has an extensive rap sheet, of committing the shooting but prosecutors wanted more evidence, a police source said…
Morgan was also charged with weapon possession for Monday’s shooting, cops said. His girlfriend, 18-year-old Camellia Dunlap, was also arrested on weapon possession charges for allegedly running off with his gun after the shooting, police revealed Wednesday.”

WABC points out that the shooting is the latest of several incidents of violence against fast food restaurant employees.

They report:

“In May, a McDonald's worker was stabbed multiple times defending other employees from an unruly customer in East Harlem. 
And in January, 19-year-old Kristal Bayron-Nieves was fatally shot during an armed robbery inside a Burger King in East Harlem.”

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