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VIDEO: Security Guard Tackles Gunman Who Opened Fire In NY Methadone Clinic

A hero security guard at a methadone clinic in Buffalo, New York takes down a man armed with an AR-15 who opened fire and it was all captured on video.

The security guard, Reynaldo Beckford tells WKBW:

"My back was turned to the door, and when I turned, I saw in the corner of my eye I saw was the person and the rifle. At that moment, I couldn't believe what was happening, especially when he let off the first shot, and that's when I knew that something was definitely wrong…
When I had him and the rifle, I started saying Jesus Jesus Jesus, and that's when he turned back.He stopped fighting for a while, and that's when the other security guard started coming down the stairs…
I would be lying if I say to you I wasn't scared for my life and the first thing that flashed over my brain was my baby who just turned three years old.”

Reynaldo says the gunman wouldn't take his finger off the trigger, so everyone had to put up a fight.

The suspect John Flynn, 48, is facing a number of charges.

Investigators says Flynn’s motive "appear to be attempted robberies tied to drug activity."

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